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Life is full of twists and unexpected turns that cause us to rethink and revisit our priorities. And knowing what to expect down life's path help tremendously to relieve much of the anxiety that is associated with such changes.

Our loan consultants are versed in many of the new loan programs and niche products that will offer you many options to assist you in realizing your financial dreams. And with our "Quic-Calc" you will know exactly what tomorrow holds. Cash flow is the name of the game. So whether you are simply looking to refinance, debt consolidation, or to pay for one of life's "dreams," we work with you to provide financial solutions that make sense for your individual needs. We have helped all kinds of borrowers realize their "Dreams" and YOU can be assured of SUCCESS.

Our services include an expanded range of real estate financing, including loans for:

  • First-Time Home Buyers and Experienced Investors
  • Self-employed and borrowers with income difficult to document
  • Residential First, Second Mortgage and High-Equity Seconds
  • Borrowers with Problem / Bruised Credit
  • Commercial Loans, Construction Loans and Business Loans
  • Single Family Homes / Condominiums / Townhouses
  • Vacation Homes / Property Investors with a diversity of fixed, HELOC's and variable rate programs.

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