America Home Mortgage Corp
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We know how the financial system works, why certain guidelines are in place, and how to navigate through that maze. We clarify this process for you, and find alternative paths when necessary. Our job is to strengthen your status as a borrower and to simplify this perplexing process.

Product Quality
In all aspects of our relationship with our clients, we provide the highest quality of products. Nothing in the real estate arena or in life for that matter, remains the same. There is constant change. For that reason, neither can we remain the same. We constantly evaluate and reevaluate what we are doing and compare it to what is possible and what is needed.

Customer Service
We are customer-service driven. In connection with our high values and integrity, we give the customer what they seek, and focus on clarity in every aspect of the loan process. Our services and recommendations and financing programs go far beyond being informative. They empower individuals to make meaningful changes and advances in their goals and dreams.

Team Work
All those that work with us are fully qualified and competent. We have a staff of underwriters, processors, technicians, and loan consultants that are specialists in their fields. Each of their contribution affords our clients, You, a great team working in your behalf.

You're In Charge
After providing you with various options, as always, we leave the final decision up to you. We are committed to giving you the power to achieve your DREAMS and financial goals. Our services and products are based on principles that, when applied, produce positive results. You will be fully informed and completely IN CHARGE.

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